Cleanup To-Do List

Here is a list of suggested do/don’t items you can give to a professional slide cleanup team. Feel free to edit it first, of course, to meet your specific needs.

Please Make These Changes:

  • Fix spelling errors. If you’re not sure about technical terms, please ask me first.
  • Fix alignment errors within slides
  • Fix misalignment of text (title and/or content) between one slide and the next. If doing so causes significant reformatting of content or font-size issues, please ask me first. Consistency takes a back seat to clarity and readability.
  • Fix obviously unintentional inconsistencies – e.g., slight variations in text color or size.
  • Fix obviously unintentional animation errors – e.g., three items on a slide fade in and the fourth appears.
  • Fix included graphics to the extent the adjustment is straightforward – alignment, cropping, contrast, etc.

Please Do Not Make These Changes:

  • Do not change the layout of slides beyond issues on the to-do list such as alignment errors.
  • Do not force the slides to conform to some template other than the one I’m currently using.

Please Offer to Discuss/Help With These Items (But Do Not Change Them Until We’ve Talked):

  • Do not force a slide to conform to the current template unless there is an obvious error. If you’re not sure, please ask first.
  • Do not remove or alter speaker notes.
  • Do not add animations or transitions unless I’ve requested them for a particular slide.
  • Do not allow Autofit to alter the size of text.
  • Determine the best fonts for the presentation.
  • Determine the best colors for the presentation.
  • Find better/cleaner images (graphics) than the ones I’m currently using.