PowerPoint Doesn’t Suck

Bad presentations do.

That’s the theme of the book, PowerPoint Quick-Fix Guide. If you want to make your presentations better – and who doesn’t? – don’t waste time worrying about whether PowerPoint or Prezi or Keynote or whatever is the best tool.

The difference among the tools is minor, and a personal preference.

The difference between lousy slides and good ones is immense.

That’s where you can make a difference. Fixing your slides is low-hanging fruit, at least for most of the slides I’ve seen. Sure, if you’re Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte, your slides look spectacular… but the rest of us have work to do.

It’s not hard work. Just different, different from what you’ve been doing.

As you’ll learn from the book (coming March 2016 from DayPack Books).

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