About the Book

Do You Know Why Your Presentations Fall Flat?

It’s not the software. It’s not the speaker. It’s your slides.

It’s time to fix the biggest problem with your presentations.

Use this revolutionary book’s three simple techniques to make your presentations better immediately. You don’t need to be a graphic artist, a mesmerizing speaker, or anything other than what you already are: knowledgeable about your subject.

Learn to quickly turn bullet-point-laden, sleep-inducing slides – ordinary slides – into easy-to-create power tools that support the most important element of your presentation: you.

With this book, you’ll learn the straightforward techniques to becoming a more effective presenter:

How to ensure that you (the speaker) command the audience’s focus.

 Why simpler is better, and why One Idea per Slide works best.

 Determining the purpose (not just the content) of each slide.

 Creating a visual style that supports your message and presentation style.

Deliver presentations that matter, that inform and convince and even move your audience. Create PowerPoint Slides That Work!

PowerPoint Slides That Work! is as revolutionary as PowerPoint itself. The potent concept of One Idea per Slide plus the book’s three simple core techniques will make your presentations sparkle – without requiring a lot of work, special skills, or months of practice. (A few hours, yes. You don’t get something for nothing. But when the fruit is hanging this low, you don’t need fork lifts and elevators, either.)


Here’s a look inside the book:



You want to become a better presenter, right? But presenting isn’t your day job. You can’t spend months focusing on this one small aspect of your position – no matter how anxiety-inducing it may be.

Your goal is simple. You need to improve. While you’d love to become the next TED superstar, what you need is to be better tomorrow that you were yesterday. That’s what this book is about.

The secrets to being a truly inspired presenter may well be mystical, but the secrets to being an effective presenter are so simple it’s almost criminal no one has shared them until now. Oh, there are bits and pieces tucked away in various books, from The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs to Beyond Bullet Points (both fine books, by the way), but they’re buried amidst a focus on spectacular presentations. Spectacular is cool, but… we live in the real world, a world where good and effective are major leaps forward, positioning you ahead of most of your peers. That’s what PowerPoint Slides That Work! is about – not the spectacular, but the useful, for the everyday world of business and professional presentations.

In other words, this is the place to start.

With tips, tools, techniques, and teachings that you can use. Today.

Show + Tell for Grownups.

Show and tell was really simple. “I’m going to show you something, and I’m going to tell you about it.” Why can’t we replicate that simple rhythm in our talks?

Actually, you can. This book shows you how. (We can’t provide the milk and cookies, though.)

And you can do it without the fear, too. That’s a nice side benefit to developing PowerPoint Slides That Work! Less fear. Paradoxically, simpler slides reduce your fears, making it less likely you’ll forget critical points, freeze up, or lose the audience to their smartphones (unless they’re live-tweeting the convincing presentation they’re attending).

It’s a small investment for a very large reward. Even if you only use one or two of the ideas in this book – heck, even if you only grab some of the alternative bullet-lists from pp. 88 and 89 – you’ll be way ahead of where you were – and ahead of your jealous peers. Soon they’ll start looking to you for presentation advice. (You can play the guru, but that takes time, so refer them back here.)

You need PowerPoint Slides That Work! Because you work for a living. Make your presentations work as well – fast, easy, and efficiently.